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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

How are specimens counted and how much will it cost?

>p>All species are dead, dissected and guaranteed A1 quality, presented unprepared, properly dated and classified. >p>The size of the photograph does not indicate the current size of the insect, and the color may vary slightly due to the illumination of the photographic equipment.

Abbreviation: M = Male, F = Female, P = pair (M + F)

Quality rating:

A1 = Perfect and without blemishes.

A1 / A- = Located between A1 and A-, a little defect or perfect.

A- = A little defect, but without affecting the overall appearance and can be repaired.

All prices are in US Dollars (USD). The minimum order is $ 100. Shipping and packing (EMS Speedpost):

1. Asia: US $ 60.00 (within 1 kg.)

2. America and Europe: US $ 45.00 (within 1 kg.)

Discounts: (Not including Special Offer)

- 5% on orders over US $ 3,000.00

- 8% on orders over US $ 5,000.00

How long do they take orders to reach me?

Orders are usually shipped within 10-12 working days using standard airmail. As a guide, Australia's mail to the United States usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks, all Asia is 3 weeks if all goes well. However, mail may take more time in peak times of the year, such as Christmas, or delays in customs and quarantine. You will be sent by email when your order has been shipped. Customers in Russia, please note that due to problems currently in the Russian postal service, plots will take at least three months to be delivered.

What happens if my order disappears or is damaged during transit?

If your package does not arrive after two months it will be considered lost we will do the resend your order at no cost to you. For customers in Russia, due to long delivery times in your country, you will have to wait four months before resending your order. If your order is damaged during transit, the item / s will be replaced or you will receive a full refund for damaged items (excluding antenna damage, or leg damage in the case of beetle specimens, due to postal shock). Evidence of damage to AABUGSBUTTERFLY must be given before a replacement or refund is given. Such evidence could be a photograph or the return of damaged specimens (AABugs Butterfly will not be responsible for shipping costs related to the return of specimens).

What if I do not like what I asked for?

If you do not like what you ordered you will receive a full refund (excluding all shipping costs) upon returning the goods to the insect AABUGSBUTTERFLY in the same condition as were received.